To support the long-term financial sustainability and promise of Wayne State as a top urban, public research university, we are in the process of transitioning to a new budget model that will be tailored to our unique needs and values according to seven guiding principles:

  • Create structures that incentivize revenue generation, innovation and collaboration.
  • Link academic authority and financial responsibility.
  • Enhance the student learning experience and further our research agenda, especially related to translational, interdisciplinary and pan-university research and scholarship.
  • Attract, retain and support talented faculty and staff.
  • Nurture academic integrity, excellence and effectiveness.
  • Promote our mission of service to the city, region and world.
  • Ensure budget model system and corresponding elements endorses collaboration rather than competition.

We want to hear from you!

You can submit a question for the committee at any time. Additional information will be provided on this website as the project expands and milestones are met. Project leadership and sub-committees will be reaching out to university administration, faculty and staff to seek input and provide updates throughout the process. Answers to frequently asked questions are available and will continue to grow in response to the feedback and questions received.